Outsourcing Services

Application Outsourcing

Our focus is on enabling you to get the best business value from technology by :

  • Developing an IT strategy that matches technology capability, cost and agility to your business strategy

  • Ensuring that your applications and infrastructure are optimized to give you the right mix of innovation, agility, reliability and cost

  • Designing and implementing IT operating models that enable you to manage and govern the operational delivery according to your business needs

  • Defining and governing the technical architecture that ensures reliable, secure, cost-effective use of the technology, while still having the agility to adapt to changing circumstances, and the capability to manage technical innovation

List of Service Offerings :

IT Strategy

Developing IT strategy roadmaps to align IT plans with the business strategy and building business cases that enable the measurement and governance of IT value.

Application and Infrastructure Optimization

Ensuring that your application and infrastructure is designed to give you the agility and reliability that your business needs by optimizing the use of IT modernization, core system renewal, and cloud technology

IT Operations

Designing and implementing IT operating models that enable you to manage and govern IT service delivery quality, cost, and speed by using centers of excellence, bi-modal IT governance, and state-of-the-art IT service and vendor management.

Technical Architectures

Enabling you to define, plan, measure and manage the technical architecture services that underpin the delivery of technology services. We will work with you on technical architecture strategy, through to the details of designing and managing security, end-user computing, and infrastructure services.

Resource & Staffing

Our focus is on enabling you to define and deliver technology-enabled transformations of your business by :

  • Working with you to define the business ambition that drives the transformation, and the strategy needed to achieve it. We help you to establish a value realization roadmap, define the business case, design governance principles and set up the business transformation program management.

  • Supporting you in implementing the transformation strategy, providing proper program and project management, and the right set of change management methods

  • Providing QA or turnaround support that enables you to ensure the effectiveness of in-flight transformation programs where we are not your primary implementation partner

List of Service Offerings :

Transformation Strategy

Helping you identify transformation requirements and the value that is associated with realization. In the next step, we support you in defining the transformation program

Transformation Program Management

Helping you manage and govern a complex, long-term, business transformation program (often supplemented by our enterprise change and learning offerings)

Transformation program management quality assurance

Helping you turn around ailing programs, or providing you with independent advice and support in managing high profile or high risk programs where you have selected other implementation partners